Shade & Ornamental Trees

Acer Rubrum (Red Maple)
Upright Rounded Tree, Brilliant Scarlet & Yellow Fall Color

Acer Rubrum 'October Glory'
Vigorous Shade Tree, Long Lasting Intense Red Fall Color

Acer Rubrum 'Red Sunset'
Glossy Leaves. Long Display Orange-Red Fall Color

Acer Rubrum 'Autumn Blaze'
Rich Green Leaves, Orange-Red Fall Color

Acer Rubrum 'Sun Valley'
Dark Green Foliage Turning Bright Red,
Potato Leaf Hopper Resistant

Acer Rubrum 'Brandywine'
Autumn Red Leaf Color That Turns Purple-Red In Fall.
Potato Leaf Hopper Resistant

Acer Saccharum 'Sugar Maple'
Dense Oval Rounded Form, Yellow To red Fall Color

Aesculus Pavia 'Dwarf Red Buckeye'
Rounded Shrub Or Small Tree, Red Flower Panicles,
Heat Tolerant

Amelanchier Canadensis 'Shadblow Serviceberry'
Upright Open Form, Flowers Pale Pink Turn White,
Purple Edible Fruit (Shrub Form Available)

Amelanchier X Grandiflora 'Robin Hill Serviceberry'
Upright Open Form, Flowers Pale Pink Turn White.
Purple Edible Fruit (Shrub Form Available)

Amelanchier Laevis ' Allegheny Serviceberry'
Large White Flowers, Coppery-Orange Fall Color, Purplish-Black Edible Fruit

Aronia Arbutifolia 'Brilliantissma'
(Brilliantissma Red Chokeberry)
White Flowers, Waxy Dark Green Leaves, Crimson Fall Color,
Red Fruit Persist Through Winter

Asiminia Trioba 'Common PawPaw'
Multi-Stemmed Shrub Or Small Tree, Leaves Medium To
Dark green, Yellow In Fall. Flowers Lurid Purple,
Edible Fruit Taste Similar To A Banana

Betula Nigra 'River Birch'
Dense Pyramidal Habit, Cinnamon Brown Exfoliating Bark

Betula Nigra 'Dura Heat'
Pyramidal To Broad Oval Form, Butter Yellow Fall Color, More Tolerant To Hot Humid Conditions

Betula Nigra 'Cully Heritage Birch'
Pyramintal, Becoming Broadly Oval, Unique Peeling Bark In
Shades Of Cream, Gray, Salmon & White

Betula Nigra 'Summer Cascade'
Weeping Form With Attractive Exfoliating Bark, Fast Growing,
Pest Free, Golden Fall Color

Carpinus Betilus 'European Hornbean'
Dense Green Foliage, Yellow Fall Color,
Young Pyramidal Form, Rounded With Age

Carpinus Caroliniana 'American Hornbean, Ironwood'
Slow Growing Small Tree, Muscular Twist In Trunk,
Yellow-Orange Fall Color

Castenea Mollissima 'Chinese Chestnut'
Broad Rounded Outline At Maturity, Low Branched, Yellow To Bronze Fall Color

Celtis Occidetalis 'Common Hackberry'
Rounded Open Form, Distinct Warty Gray Bark, Very Hardy

Cercis Reniformis 'Oklahoma'
Leaves Are Leathery Lustrous Green With Deep
Magenta Rose Flowers

Cercis Reniformis 'Texas Whitebud'
Leaves Are Leathery Lustrous Green With Milk White Flowers

Cercis Canadensis 'Eastern Redbud'
Small Irregular Tree, Acc ending Branches,
Purple To Pink Blooms

Cercis Canadensis Var.Alba 'Alba White'
White Flowering. Emerging Heart Shaped Leaves

Cercis Canadensis 'Appalachian Red'
Deep Red-Purple Bloom , Fast Grower

Cercis Canadensis 'Forest Pansy'
Reddish Purple Leaf Form, Heart Shaped Leaf,
Purple-Pink Flowers

Cercis Canadensis 'Royal White'
Abundant White Flowers, Cold Hardy

Cercis Canadensis ''Don Eg Olf Redbud'
Compact Grower, Dark Green Heart Shaped Leaves,
Prolific Bright Rosy Mauve Flowers, Fruitless

Cercis Canadensis 'Aondale'
Grows 10', Deep Rose Purple Flowers Are Very Profuse Every Year. Heavily Textured Dark green Leaves

Cladrastis Kentukea 'American Yellowood'
Broad Rounded Head, Medium Size Tree,
Clusters Of White Fragrant Flowers

Crataegus Phaenopyrum ' Washington Hawthorn'
Broadly Oval To Oval dense Thorny Tree,
Orange To Scarlet Fall Color

Crataegus Viridis 'Winter King Hawthorn'
White Flowers In Clusters, Purple To Scarlet Fall Color

Diospyros Virginiana 'Common Persimmon'
Slender Oval Rounded Crown, Yellowish To Pale Orange Fruit