Deciduous Flowering Shrubs & Hedge Plants
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Itea Virginica 'Henrys Garnet'
Fragrant Cylindrical 6" White Flower Spike,
Yellow To Crimson Fall Color

More Compact Habit, Red Fall Color, Mature Size 3' - 4' Tall

Lindera Benzoin 'Spicebush'
Grows 6' to 12' High. Light Green Leaves
Changing To Yellow In Fall

Nandina Domestica 'Heavenly Bamboo'
White Flowers With Bright Red Fruit, Cane Like Stems,
Green To Blue Foliage

Philadelphus Coronarius 'Sweet Mockorange'
Upright Rounded Habit, Single White Fragrant Flowers

Philadelphus Coronarius 'Golden Mockorange'
Compact Habit, Single White Fragrant Flowers,
Golden Yellow Foliage

Philadelphus ''Natchez Mockorange'
Upright Broad Habit, Single White Flowers, Fragrant

Prunus X Cistena 'Purple Leaf Sand Cherry'
Fast Growing, Spreading, Rich Purple Red Foliage
All Season, Single Pink Flowers

Prunus Glandulosa 'Rosea Plena'
Pink Flowering Almond, Double Pink Flowers Early April-May.
Yellow Fall Color, Good Foundation Or Border Plant

Spiraea X Bumalda 'Gold Flame'
Bright Golden Spring Foliage Turning Green,
Light Crimson Flowers

Spriaea X Japonica 'Lemon Princes'
Dwarf With Lemon Yellow Foliage

Spriaea X Japonica 'Anthony Water'
Compact Shrub With Small Dark green Leaves,
Bright Rose-Red Flowers Al Summer

Spiraea X Vanhouttei 'Vanhoutte Spirea'
Graceful Growth Habit, Fountain Of Pure White Flowers

Syringea X Prestoniae 'Donald Wyman'
Fringed Bloom Is Purplish Lavender, Broad Upright

Syringea Vulgaris 'Common Purple Lilac'
Fragrant Purple Flowers, Dark green To Blue Foliage

Syringa X Persica 'Persian Lilac
Small Leafed Foliage, Pale Lilac, Fragrant Flowers

Thuja Occidentallis 'Smaragd'
Compact Pyramidal Form, Hold Color Well Through Winter

Thuja Plicata 'Green Giant'
Rapid Grower, Tight Pyramidal Habit, Glossy Green Foliage

Thuja Occidentallis 'Nigra'
Pyramidal Form With Dark Green Foliage Persisting
Through The Winter

Thuja Occidentallis 'Techny'
Pyramidal Form, Dense Foliage Maintains Dark Green
Color All Year, Fast Grower

Thuja Occidentallis 'Golden Spire'
Pyramidal Form With Good Yellow Foliage

Thuja 'Holmstrup'
Compact Upright Habit, Rich Green Foliage, Very Hardy

Thuja 'Elegantissima'
Narrow Pyramidal, Broadening With Age, Dark Green


X 'Allegany'
Hardy, Vigorous, Semi Evergreen Shrub,
Dark Green Leathery Foliage

X 'Burkwoodrii Mohawk'
Compact, Rounded Shrub, Dark Red Flower Buds,
Glossy Dark green Foliage, Turns Orange-Red In Fall

Carlesii 'Korean Spice'
Rounded Dense Shrub, White Flowers

Compact Grower, Very Fragrant Flower Clusters

X 'Juddii'
Full Rounded Shrub, Dark Green-Blue Foliage,
Pink Buds Open To Fragrant Semi-Snowball Flowers

Dentatum 'Chicago Lustre'
Creamy White Flowers, Glossy Green Foliage

Dilatatum 'Erie'
Compact Shrub, White Flat Topped Flowers In Spring,
red Fruit

Picatum 'NaNa'
Dwarf Japanese Snowball, Rounded Compact Dwarf Plant,
Double White Flowers, Leathers Green Foliage

X Pragenese 'Prague'
Oval Rounded, Fast Growing,
Waxy Dark Green Evergreen Leaves

X Rhytidophyllum 'Leather Leaf'
Dark Green Leathery Leaves, Creamy White Flowers,

True Leatherleaf

Dark Green Leather Leaves, Arching Growing Habit

Opuls 'European Cranberry'
Flat Cluster Of White Flowers, Scarlet Fruit

Plicatum Tomentosum 'Marieesii'
Horizontal Growth Habit, White Flowers, Dark Green Foliage

Virburnum Platicum Tomentosum 'Shasta'
USNA Introduction, White Flowers Clusters Up To 6" Across

Virburnum Platicum Tomentosum 'Japanese Snowball'
White Dense Ball Shaped Flowers In June,
Red Fruit That Turns Black

Viburnum Macrocephalum 'Chinese Snowball Viburnum'
Blooms Massive White Clusters 6" To 12" Across,
Rounded Semi Evergreen Shrub

Viburnum Dentatum 'Arrowood Viburnum'
Vigorous Compact Grower, White Flat Top Flowers

Wisteria Senesis 'Blue Chinese Wisteria'
Blue-Violet Flowers, Twining Vine